Litigation Consulting

Our litigation support practice provides expert advice and testimony in complex securities offerings, negotiated transactions and financial services disputes involving matters such as:

  • due diligence, reliance and verification
  • offering document disclosures
  • underwriter, issuer, board and officer conduct
  • contract negotiation/documentation and financial services

Common issues in controversy include:

  • customary standards and practice of lead and participating underwriters
  • customary standards and practice of boards and board members
  • customary standards and practice by investment funds, investment advisors and investment stewards
  • reasonableness of due diligence investigations in securities offerings, negotiated transactions and the provision of financial services
  • reasonableness of reliance on auditors, management, experts and others
  • reasonableness of internal or external verification as part of reliance
  • consistency of offering document disclosures with results of due diligence
  • identifying and responding to “red flags” and
  • negotiating, documenting and interpreting contract terms

We have advised and testified in many high-profile cases regarding these and other matters, addressing the issues from a range of perspectives in a variety of contexts.

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